A Letter from the Founders

Dear Future KangarooStars and Employers,

Existing job search sites focus on volume—if you shoot enough arrows at the target, something’s bound to hit, right? Sure, some of those arrows might find the bullseye. But most of them don’t, which is why existing job search sites send you dozens and dozens of “matches” that aren’t really matches at all.

Welcome to KangarooStar, a different kind of platform with a proprietary process that uses better algorithms and deeper data to suggest only those matches that fit your specific criteria.

The core principle that animates everything we do at KangarooStar is the recognition that work—and the places we work—contribute not just to our livelihoods, but to our self-esteem and general happiness. Each person is a unique combination of skills, capabilities, needs, and preferences. Similarly, organizations vary in their capabilities, needs, and preferences as they strive to create and capture value.

Our primary mission is to help job seekers and employers find meaning and fulfillment at work by facilitating better matches.

It is our belief that, when it comes to jobs and candidates, there is such a thing as a perfect fit.

Let us help you find what or who you’re searching for! In your service, Darin and Jason