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Questions from Job Seekers


How do you match candidates with employers?

KangarooStar is a web and mobile platform that enables job-seekers and employers to make better career/hiring matches using a unique analytical approach, tools, and technology. We were designed from the ground-up to help employers and job seekers better understand and articulate their unique employment needs and preferences.

Combining deep industry experience and insights with cutting-edge academic research and methodologies, KangarooStar begins each search by asking the right questions concerning each party’s needs and preferences. KangarooStar approaches and treats each search with the care and concern typically associated with senior-level boutique search firms that charge a premium fee for premium service. In this process we gather not just bigger data but better data. Better data facilitates better analyses and better matches. Using a scalable analytical architecture and continuous learning that facilitates deeper understanding of evolving needs and market demands, KangarooStar facilitates better career matches, professional opportunities, success, and, ultimately, self-esteem and happiness.

Can a search firm use this platform on my company’s behalf?

Yes! In fact, we’ve developed special functionality for the unique needs of search firms.

Do you have to pay to use KangarooStar

If you are looking to hire someone, yes. But you only pay to see detailed profiles of candidates who interest you most. Unlike other search platforms, we’ll provide you with a manageable number of already deeply vetted candidates—which saves you from sifting through a sea of (mostly) unsuitable choices.

You must purchase a pack of Kcoins to initiate a search. Each Kcoin enables you to generate additional, detailed information on a pre-matched job seeker. Click here to find out more about Kcoin pricing.

Is there a way to use Kcoins across searches?

Kcoins are purchased on a search-by-search basis. You may use a Kcoin Pouch Transfer to initiate a search or to transfer Kcoins to another search. This ensures that Kcoins are never wasted and that the pricing benefits of larger pack purchases are enjoyed.

How do we get additional help during the search process?

KangarooStar is a White Glove service. We will always be there for you! Kmail us and let us know how we can help.

How do you ensure confidentiality?

Your data and confidentiality are important to us. Accordingly, we have stringent data collection, storage and provision rules and associated technological checks.


Do I have to be looking for a job to benefit from KangarooStar?

To fully unlock the benefits of KangarooStar, you need to create a profile. You do not need to be actively looking. In fact, you can make yourself inactive and still get the benefits of information and access to well-suited jobs.

How do you ensure that current or past employers do not see that I am looking for a new job?

KangarooStar allows you to restrict which prospective employers can view your profile. Additional technological safeguards are employed on the backend.

What is the confidentiality protocol?

We take your privacy very seriously and use technology to ensure confidentiality.

Can I sign up with KangarooStar but not make my profile available as a “job seeker” to employers?


Do I get to initiate contact with an employer or opportunity?

Yes, you can review an opportunity and indicate interest to a potential employer. This goes a long way, given you have already been matched based on your combined criteria. Employers can also initiate communication contact.

What are the benefits of adding my profile to KangarooStar besides job matching?

KangarooStar provides job seekers access to a host of desirable employment opportunities in industries you find appealing. Moreover, KangarooStar provides you with unique insights into the industries, occupations, and employers you might not be considering that might be a great fit for someone with your skills, preferences, and needs. Finally, you get to access data on compensation, benefits and other employment trends that may be useful to your existing employment.

What does it cost to use your platform?

If you are a job seeker, nothing! By engaging with the platform, however, you do earn Kstars, which are beneficial to search process positioning.