Kcoins are your currency!

One Kcoin = one candidate connection

Kcoins - How it all works

  1. Fill your pouch with Kcoins
  2. Choose your candidates from a pre-matched list of compelling job seekers. (We’ll send you everything you’d possibly want to know about the candidates you like for one shiny Kcoin apiece.)
  3. Connect with candidates via Kmail!
Note: When you see a thumbs up icon, you’ll know that the candidate is interested in pursuing your opportunity (a sign that may influence your decision to “buy” the candidate’s profile).

Transferring Kcoins

If you have Kcoins leftover after a search is complete, you can add them to the Kcoin Pouch of another KanagrooStar search. You may also initiate a new search with Kcoins transferred from another search.

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