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Want Remote? Try These Other Careers

Remote work has become the new normal. With quarantine and social distancing measures, the global pandemic forced many businesses to move their operations online. Many companies have permanently shifted to hybrid working models, given their employees’ convenience and flexibility. These remote arrangements have given employees more flexibility and convenience, and there are several who want to continue working remotely. 

The Microsoft Work Trend Index revealed that 66% of employers are already moving to remote work by redesigning their workspaces. Statistics suggest that only 17% worked remotely pre-COVID in the US, while 44% of employees started working remotely as of April 2021. These are massive shifts. 

While the number of remote workers might reduce, Upwork predicts that at least 22% of workers will still work remotely in 2025. With the proliferation of remote working opportunities, many people have become increasingly interested in remote work. Employees want more flexible work opportunities that give them time to focus on their own well-being. If you’re someone looking to switch to remote work permanently, there are some careers that you can try: 

Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing is one of the top career choices for remote workers. People are spending a lot of time online, looking at their phones. For instance, an average American spends 4 hours daily on their phone. PR and marketing agencies have shifted their focus to the digital space. More and more digital marketing jobs are surfacing online. Digital marketing is the perfect field for people with a bit of experience considering a pivot to remote work.


Cybersecurity jobs have been on the rise in the past couple of years. There was a 600% increase in cybercrimes during the pandemic. People have been working from home on their unsecured computers and WiFi networks. As such, there has been an increase in cyber threats and cyber-attacks. Data suggests that there were over 500,000 instances of data theft between February 2020 and May 2020. 

Another survey reveals that only 45% of IT professionals were confident that their company’s IT budget could handle the increasing volume of cyber threats. These statistics and factors demonstrate that the popularity of cybersecurity will grow with time. 

Customer Service 

The growth of eCommerce is another major impact of the pandemic. While people were stuck at home and could not visit brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers capitalized on the opportunity to fill in the gap and offer customers what they needed. Since people could not travel and eat out, they had more income to spend online shopping. There was a 44% increase in eCommerce sales in the US in 2021. 

With the massive growth in online spending and delay in product delivery times, there’s a huge demand for customer representatives. So if you are an entry-level job with growth opportunities to go to managerial positions, customer service is your domain. In start-ups, customer service jobs are the stepping-stones to high-paying positions.

Education and Tutorial Professionals 

The global pandemic has not just revolutionized working but has also transformed the way the education and training sector works. With online education becoming the new normal, schools are exploring online classes and models and hiring new professionals to navigate these changes. There’s an increasing demand for education consultants, teaching assistants, education platform designers, and curriculum designers. 

Research suggests that the online tutoring industry will grow by $153 million between 2021 and 2025. This means more and more remote tutoring opportunities will be available for those interested in tutoring. 

Translation Jobs 

With the proliferation of the internet and social networking opportunities, we have become more connected than ever. With such connectedness, the demand for bilingual workers has increased. Jobs requiring more than more languages are the fastest growing jobs worldwide. 

Translator jobs are highly in demand. According to the Ministry of Labor and Statistics data, there will be a 20% increase in translator and interpreter jobs between 2019 and 2029. Such jobs are required across various industries, including customer service, education, the medical sector, etc. So, if you know more than one language, look for translation jobs.

Remote Jobs are Here to Stay

Remote work allows employees to be more flexible without restricting them in geographical locations. If you are thinking of moving to remote work permanently, the above-mentioned careers can be a great fit.

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