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Looking for the best way to find executive assistant jobs near you? Welcome! If you’re searching for personal assistant jobs, administrative coordinator jobs, or secretary jobs, we’ve got what you’re looking for, too! Hop on in and let us help you find a job that matches your dream-work scenario!

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“Our game-changing process uses better algorithms and deeper data to suggest only those matches that fit your specific criteria.

At KangarooStar, it is our belief that, when it comes to executive assistant jobs and candidates, there is such a thing as a perfect match.”

Darin Eydenberg, CEO & Founder

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Hey Executive Assistants!

If you’re looking for executive assistant jobs, personal assistant jobs, administrative coordinator jobs, or secretary jobs, hop on into KangarooStar. We’re ready to help you find your ideal job match!

Fit is so important—if you’re not happy, if the compensation or the culture isn’t right, if you’re not fulfilled, work will not be the daily adventure it’s meant to be. KangarooStar’s proprietary technology and assessment process ensure a significant match across the criteria most important to you.

You will know that compensation, benefits, work schedules, company culture, and job pace meet your needs before you interview.

We use proprietary surveys, data sources, and analytical tools to understand the dynamics of the labor market. Then we share this real-time data to help you create a path to a more meaningful assistant career.

Your success is our success. If you win, we win—that’s why we’re rooting for you every second!

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KangarooStar is the most innovative job-matching platform for
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As a former full-time freelancer, I am no stranger to job boards. After seeing what we’ve created here—a simpler, more rewarding job match process—I can’t help but wish I’d had this site as a resource all those years!
Laurel Lindahl
Creative Director

As the tech lead, I am focused on making KangarooStar the most effective, user-friendly job matching site in the market. We want employers and job seekers to feel empowered by the access to information we provide.
Preet Hooda
Chief Technology Officer